Our Story

We are Manufacturer, Processor & Exporter of Himalayan Rock Salt Products

With an Intent of Initiating more than just a Profitable Venture

Blessed with a rich heritage of natural mineral resources, Pakistan is recognized internationally for its reserves of Salt. Pakistan is the second largest manufacturer & exporter of mineral salts.

GV SALT is a subsidiary exporter company of Golden View Traders Pvt. Ltd, commonly termed as “GV Traders”. Currently we are engaged in the export of salt lamps, Salt Candles, Salt Tiles, Salt Spa Items, Rock Salt Granules and also many other Salt product you may need, and we ship them worldwide in accordance with international standards.

Golden View Salt is a leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Himalayan Rock Salt for more than a decade. Genuine Himalayan Crystal Salt is being used by the natives for centuries. The Himalayan Rock salt we market is as pure and unpolluted today as it was 250 million years ago. We sell the best Himalayan pink salt and produce all types of Edible Salt, Cooking Plates, Salt Lamps, Salt Candle Holder, Bath Salts, Aromatherapy, Salt Tiles & Animal Salt.


Our mission is to provide the top quality products and innovative solutions for our customers.

Our Values

Integrity:   Integrity is the core value that guides all our actions and decisions
Customer Experience: We strive to deliver excellence to our customers in every step.
Teamwork:  We value each member of our team and believe that only with dedication 

and team spirit we can beat any challenges.
Innovation:   Innovation is the cornerstone on which we build our success and future moves.


GV Salt aims to introduce Himalayan Rock Salt all around the globe by creating a valuable chain of distribution and ensuring its availability worldwide.

Himalayan Pink Salt is a distinguishing asset found only in Pakistan and through its sale we play a vital role in strengthening the economy of Pakistan.
We also urge on creating consumers awareness on the benefits of Pink Salt and we export pink salt in various shapes and forms to carter different market segments.

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