GV Salt


It is my honor to convey the CEO’s message and welcome you personally to (gvtsalt). Our country Pakistan is honored with the most significant wellspring of Himalayan Salt worldwide, so we have a vision of Himalayan rock salt and salt products with their advantages attainable to the world.

We started making Himalayan rock salt products as a small industry, and now with grace, we are serving multiple vital players in the Himalayan salt industry market. We expanded our business and started exporting salt products in the international market.

We work harder to solve all the problems in quality, on-time delivery, and product safety. It’s our priority to solve the issues related to the quality of electrical products and supply of the product at the time according to commitment. Besides, our product packaging is according to our customers demand.

We look forward to your continued support as we continue our mission to achieve our goals as a corporation, distributor, retailer, and online seller of products.